Our packages are not limited to one Zoho App, our Zoho Developers will implement, provide training and automate your business using any of the 40 plus Zoho Applications. Here are a few benefits of choosing one of our plans. 

Receive recordings of your on-screen training sessions so that you can review for easy learning. 

Bookings available 24/7, choose from many options online that best suits your time zone. 

You don't have to explain twice to us, we keep notes so we are hands on from the start of your session. 


- Maximum 3 hours of Zoho Expert Support 

- $58 Savings Compared To Hourly Rates

- We Provide Support Per Your Request 

- Expires After 2 Months If Unused 



- Maximum 7 hours of Zoho Expert Support 

- $171 Savings Compared To Hourly Rates

- We Send You Free Suggestions 

- Expires After 4 Months If Unused 



- Maximum 16 hours of Zoho Expert Support

- $483 Savings Compared To Hourly Rates 

- Proactive Automations & Implementation

- Expires After 6 Months If Unused 

ENROLL AT $1,543
How do we get started?

Easily Get Started

Select your desired plan and we'll email you our welcome package, if you are unsure of which package is best for you contact us and we'll help. Do remember all new customer quality for a free start up session where we will guide your from day 1. 

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Our Payment Methods support the major credit card providers, google pay, apple pay and much more which will default based on your region. All Prices are quoted in USD. If you are unable to utilize an online payment option email us at support@ezpropel.com we'll send over our banking details for you. 

What Happens When My Support Hours Are Maxed out?

Support Hours Depletion 

If your plan support hours have been reached, then you can purchase the same plan again or another one if you require more support hours as we hope that you will be enjoying our services. We would also send you an email when your support hours have been depleted so that we can suggest the best option for you business needs. 

How Are Support Hours Used?

Support Hour Usage

Supports hours are reduced by actual time spent on:

- Virtual Training Sessions Booked Via Premium Client Booking 

- Phone Support by calling in on any phone number listed on our contact page.

- Email Support is auto calculated based on time spent analyzing and resolving queries sent to support@ezpropel.com

- Offline Implementations and fixes in the backend as per your request 

- Instant Chat Sessions spent on Support Request Via Our Website Online Chat

The Following Does not Count Towards Your Support Time:

- Minor Inquires on information on possible solution implementation 

- Monitoring And Maintaining Your Zoho Subscriptions 

- Comments, Suggestions, Feedback, Complaints 

- Status Updates On OutStanding Matters For Implementation

- We Also Choose Not To Count Certain Request At Our Discretion Based On Client Relationships

Whats The Main Difference In Packages

Plan Difference 

The Level of Expert Support Are The Same For All Packages


- The Higher Plans Provides Cheaper Pricing Per Hour 

- Expirations Are Different For Each Plan

- Our Pro Plan Proactively suggests Implementations that are sure for you utilize the support hours to benefit your business. 

What's The Difference Between Buying A Support Plan Rather Than Hourly Virtual Training ?